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    sms marketing - bulk sms ireland

    SMS Marketing




    Using Text messaging as an integral part of your advertising strategy enables tailored messages to be delivered directly to each one of your customers.


    Importantly you can plan the timing of your delivery to best suit your sales objectives. Bulk text message marketing enables you to communicate with your customers at precisely the right time that will drive sales growth.


    Our bulk messaging delivery platform ensures that your message is delivered, read and actioned only by those of your customers who wish to participate.

    sms marketing - bulk sms ireland

    What is SMS Marketing?

    SMS marketing is really a form of selective advertising to those who have shown an interest in a particular type of product or service.  SMS marketing is considered to be a simple, direct form of advertising designed to draw in customers who have already released their phone numbers for permission to receive text messages. Despite the ease of the service and the low cost, relatively few consumers actually receive text messages from businesses on a regular basis. However, tapping into this particular line of marketing does take some preparation work before it can be fully utilized.

    How does SMS Marketing Really Work?

    In order to send text messages to those who are most inclined to utilize the products or services that you offer, the first step is actually collecting the phone numbers. This is not quite as easy as it sounds because most people are far more reticent to giving out their phone numbers than they are email addresses. Therefore, you will have to be careful in acquiring the phone numbers of those who are most inclined to respond to your messages.

    Customer Management 

    Be Infrequent; People do not like to be inundated with messages.

    Be Exclusive; Be sure that the offers you make through SMS marketing are exclusive to those who receive this service.

    Updates; You can use SMS messaging to inform customers of orders coming in, an appointment coming up or a service date. This essentially reserves your SMS marketing for special occasions where its effect is maximized.

    Text Messaging Guidelines; You can’t just willy-nilly send out text messages to whom you please without running into difficulties. In order to avoid any legal action, you will need to follow a few rules . Only those who have voluntarily consented or have done business with you in the prior 12 month period can be sent messages by you. Plus, you will need to have an “unsubscribe” option on each of your messages.





    Optout facility available. Include it in your messages if required This service is offered FREE so you can be fully compliant with current legislation


    Great when you need to send messages longer than 160 characters – our system lets you chose the message size


    Search facility allows you find a name or number fast without having to manually scroll through your customer list saving you time and trouble.


    Import your contacts; keep your database up to date and allows for moving contacts between groups easily


    You can buy credits via card in any quantity required between 1250 & 25000. This avoids tying up money by having excess credits idle in your account.


    Easy management of contacts for target-specific communication. A “Send-to-all” facility is also available

    Bad Number Cleanser

    Bad numbers auto delete after 3 consecutive permanent failures. Saving you money and cleaning your database.

    Opt-out Protection

    If a number opts-out the system prevents it being reinstated should it be uploaded again in error, keeping you compliant.

    Duplicate Detector

    Duplicate numbers are detected on any uploads or text sends to avoid multiple texts annoying your clients. Also saves you money.