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SMS Marketing

Using Text messaging as an integral part of your advertising strategy enables tailored messages to be delivered directly to each one of your customers.

Importantly you can plan the timing of your delivery to best suit your sales objectives. Bulk text message marketing enables you to communicate with your customers at precisely the right time that will drive sales growth.

Our bulk messaging delivery platform ensures that your message is delivered, read and actioned only by those of your customers who wish to participate.

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Bad numbers auto delete after 3 consecutive permanent failures. Saving you money and cleaning your database.


If a number opts-out the system prevents it being reinstated should it be uploaded again in error, keeping you compliant.


Duplicate numbers are detected on any uploads so as to avoid multiple texts annoying your clients. Also saves you money.


If you are not completely satisfied with the service. We provide, all existing credits remaining in your account will be credited.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is really a form of selective advertising to those who have shown an interest in a particular type of product or service.

The beauty of SMS messaging is twofold. Speed and read. When you use the SMS Away bulk text messaging platform you can be assured that your message will get to your intended target and that it will get there very fast. This is important because SMS messages are ten times as likely to be read as compared to an unsolicited junk e-mail.

Significantly greater than 90% of all test messages received are read by the recipient within minutes. Using our bulk text messaging platform is Cheaper, Faster and Simpler to use than any other service. Bulk text messaging really is Business sense for only a few Cents.


Reach out to your clients

Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers


We have been working with Sms Away for the last two years. In all our dealings with their team Sms Away was consistently professional, efficient and helpful.

Arboretum Home & Garden Heaven - Co. Carlow, Client

As a salon owner I find the service a very valuable tool to keep in contact with my clients. The price is very competitive, the system is user friendly and John is excellent at customer service.

Lightwave Beauty - Co. Dublin, Client

We have used SMS Away for the past 18 months and the service has greatly increased foot fall and consumer spend. It is easy to use, fast, reliable and better value than other marketing methods. A must for retailers.

Farm to Fork - Carlow, Client